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Want to know more about our project?
Our project consists of the reality of MMORPGs and the reality of the gaming world, I'm not here to lie and say that online games are free, everyone knows that's a lie, if a person created a project they would spend a lot of money and time to keep it online, and without a donation system this project will die.
Now that we are aware that if the server does not have a way to generate income it will die, I will tell you more about our project.
We know that most players cannot spend money on games, many players have just started a family and their accounts do not allow them to do so, so for these players we create events so that they can have the same chances as a donating player.
We also created a shop with Olympiad Tickets selling all S84 sets and Boss Jewelry, so all you have to do is participate in the Olympiad and you will be able to have everything a donor has.
A server without donors is a server without a market, so even FREE players have to be aware that without them the server dies, and it is necessary to have Elite Coins circulating among players for the market to flow.
We also created an Auction Donate system where you can sell your items for donate coin and thus have access to everything that donors have just with your farm.